Get your Instrument Rating!

Flying on Instruments

Instrument Rating Course

25 Hours Dual Flight Time (IFR Cessna 172) $3,950.00*
10 Hours PCATD $250.00*
35 Hours Flight Instruction $1,925.00*
Pre/Post Flight Briefings $150*
Instrument Pilot Ground School
(Books/Materials Included in Tuition)
FAA Written Exam $165.00
Instrument Rating Checkride
(+ Airplane Rental)

Minimum Cost for Instrument Rating $7,275.00

* The above costs are based on FAA Part 141 minimums.
** These costs are averages and vary depending on Aviation Medical Examiner or Designated Pilot Examiner.
There is a requirement for 50 hours of PIC cross country time that is not figured into this calculation. The 50 hours is part of the 65 hours of solo practice figured into the cost of the commercial license.