Cessna 172 Rentals


  • 1997 Cessna 172R
  • IFR Equipped
  • Dual VOR, Single Glideslope, ADF, GPS
  • Rate: $158.00/hr
  • Early Bird: $149.00/hr

N808TP, Cessna 172R

N808TP is one of the best aircraft in the Avian C-172 fleet. Extra speed and power comes from the 180 hp conversion Lycoming engine. Extra technology comes from the new King avionics package with GPS. Extra comfort comes from the plush seats, inertia reel seatbelts, and quieter cabin. Whether you are working on your private or instrument rating, or just taking the family to Hoquiam for lunch, this airplane can't be beat.


  • 1976 Cessna 172
  • IFR Equipped
  • Dual VOR, Single Glideslope, DME, ADF
  • Rate: $158.00/hr
  • Early Bird: $149.00/hr

N1115U, Cessna 172

N1115U has everything you need to fly IFR or get that Instrument rating.


  • 1968 Cessna 172
  • VFR only
  • Dual VOR, ADF
  • Rate: $128.00/hr
  • Early Bird: $121.00/hr

N46203, Cessna 172

N46203 is our basic VFR trainer for those who want the size and comfort of a 172 without emptying their wallet.