Checkout Requirements

Cessna 152 / Cessna 172

Avian Flight Center Checkout: 1 hour minimum
Private Pilot Certificate/Solo Endorsement by AFC CFI

Piper Seneca

AFC Checkout: 3 hours minimum with 10 takeoff and landings* and demonstration of thorough systems knowledge
Multi engine Private Certificate with
Multi engine Instrument Privileges
350 hours total time
25 hours multi engine time (at least 10 hours dual in Make/Model)


Avian Flight Center aircraft checkouts for pilots who have not flown for a period of 90 days or more will consist of the following maneuvers and procedures and must be logged accordingly in the pilot's logbook and a copy of the logbook entry will be placed in the renter folder.


GROUND SESSION: A review of Sections 2 through 7 of the appropriate pilot operating handbook will be conducted with a particular emphasis on emergency procedures to verify that the pilot has an understanding of what is covered as well as where to find emergency procedures both in the POH and on the back of each aircraft's cockpit checklist. Oral quizzing will be used to determine that the pilot has the knowledge necessary to handle emergency procedures outlined.

FLIGHT SESSION: The flight portion of a 90-day checkout will include a minimum of the following maneuvers and procedures:

  • Slow Flight
  • Power off and Power on Stall
  • Emergency Procedures to include:
    • Simulated Engine Failure within gliding distance of an airport runway
    • Manual Gear Extension Procedures appropriate to the aircraft
  • Go Around Procedures

Avian Flight Center Checkouts are held to Private Pilot Practical Test Standards. Checkout times vary depending on proficiency and experience.
Completion of the appropriate aircraft checkout form, ground instruction, and possession of a Pilot Operating Handbook is required for each aircraft checkout.
*Under no circumstance will touch and go or stop and go landings be made in an Avian Flight Center retractable gear aircraft. Only full stop taxi back landings are allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS.