Early Bird and Sunday Flights

Take an early morning flight when the winds are calm, the sun is rising, and the air traffic is silent.

History has shown us that our aircraft are not heavily scheduled before 10:00 AM or on Sundays. In an effort to lighten the late morning and afternoon schedule, Avian flight center is announcing a money-saving offer for those renters who would like to take advantage of a reduced rental rate.

  • Early Bird Flights advanced scheduling is not required, however will be on a first come, first served basis
  • Early Bird Flights dispatched prior to opening of business hours must be scheduled in advance, the business day before the intended flight.
  • Aircraft keys and flight log shall be arranged and provided for Early Bird Flights dispatched prior to opening business hours.
  • Early Bird Flights dispatched prior to and ending before opening business hours shall have credit on account or provide credit card information prior to such flights. If credit card information is provided, the invoiced amount shall be applied to that account and the receipt then mailed to the customer.
  • Early Bird Flight discounts will be honored for rental flights dispatched between 5:00AM and 10:00AM and all day on Sundays.
  • Early Bird Flights terminate when the dispatch book and aircraft keys are returned to the flight office. For flights terminating after 10:01AM Monday through Saturday, the entire flight hours shall be charged at the normal rental rates.
A/C Reg. No.A/C ModelRegular RatesEarly Bird Rates
N25836Cessna 152$0.00 per hour$ per hour
N46203Cessna 172$128.00 per hour$121.00 per hour
N1115UCessna 172$158.00 per hour$149.00 per hour
N808TPCessna 172$158.00 per hour$149.00 per hour
N5286MBeech Sierra$178.00 per hour$169.00 per hour

*Prices are subject to change without notice.