Avian Flight Center
Online Ground School

Avian Flight Center is happy to announce our new online ground school! This is our same great ground school with Doug Hanson but now students can access it from anywhere they have internet.

Some Key Highlights of the online ground school:

  • PLATFORM VERSATILITY - Connect from anywhere on any device

  • PERSONAL CLASSROOM - There is no need to travel to the airport, saving you both time and money.

  • LESSON ARCHIVE - Available for review and study within a couple of hours after the lesson.

  • TRANSCRIPTS - Each lesson will be transcribed for your review. Search for keywords and view a visual timeline of active speakers.


Each class is presented following the Jeppesen Part 141 syllabus for Private and Instrument ground school as it always has been. Students now have the option of joining each session from wherever they are.

The student classroom at Avian Flight Center is still open and available for those who would like to join other students in a traditional setting. The online experience is great for those who either cannot make it to the airport, or live too far away.

Students can log in to the online class at GoToMeeting.com for the full experience.