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Who we are

FAA Flight School 141/61

Earning your pilot certificate is a life-altering experience. Our flight training staff, with extensive backgrounds in both commercial and general aviation, is uniquely qualified to provide you with safe, quality instruction that will put you in the pilot's seat. We take pride that safety always comes first. Whether you'd like to fly your family and friends to local destinations or aspire to fly professionally, let us help you meet your goals. Financing is also available for your flight training.

Engine and Aircraft Repair

Avian Aeronautics, Inc. has been in the aircraft service and repair business since 1986 and has built a solid reputation in the aviation community that keeps customers coming back. We have 10 A&P mechanics on staff—three IA certified to meet your needs for...

  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aircraft Repair
  • Engine Overhauls
  • Part Sales
  • and More!

Avian Aeronautics (360)674-2244

Scenic Flights / Charter Flights

Come and take a birds eye view of the Puget Sound with one of our scenic flights today!  Experience the beautiful of our area with a view like none other!

Need to get somewhere and don't feel like driving?  Our Sister company Westwind Aviation can get you quickly and safely.  

Puget Sound departure: (360)674-2008
San Juan Islands: (360)378-6991
Westwind Aviation Website

Full Service FBO

At Avian, service still matters.  We take the hassle out of airport operations so you can just show up knowing that everything is ready to go for you, including the catering.

We service aircraft of all sizes.  From Business jets, to Rotor, to Military aircraft.  

Pilots are always welcome to enjoy our lounge, coffee, and crew car.

Aircraft Rental

Avian Flight Center welcomes new aircraft renters! Great care is taken to ensure that our aircraft are maintained to the highest standard so that you, our valued customer, can always be assured of a clean, well-maintained aircraft to fly.

If you would like to join the ranks of our satisfied and loyal renters, just pick up the phone and call us! We will be happy to schedule you for a simple checkout flight to get you up and flying.

Testing Center

Need to take a computer based test? You can take all FAA exams including Sport Pilot and FCC exams on LaserGrade's user-friendly system at Avian Flight Center. Need a non-FAA test? We do those too!

  • $165.00 FAA Exams
  • Test available seven days a week

Visit LaserGrade.com for more information or call LaserGrade at 1-800-211-2754.



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