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Flying to Bremerton? Check out our corporate services to let us know all of your ground service needs in advance!

Corporate services offered at Avian Fligth Center in Bremerton (PWT), Washington

Welcome to Avian Flight Center, your full-service FBO at Bremerton National Airport. Just 18 nautical miles west of Seattle, Bremerton National Airport is your gateway to the Olympic Peninsula and Kitsap County in western Washington State.

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Today is Sunday, May 20th 2018, 06:31 AM (1331Zulu)
KPWT 280355Z AUTO 03005KT 10SM CLR 23/14 A3012 RMK AO1 (VFR)
Today's Sunrise/Sunset: 05:26 AM, 08:48 PM

Buy your sectional, TAC, WAC and IFR charts with Avian!

Avian Flight Center is your one stop shopping destination for all of your charting needs!
As an authorized chart dealer, you can find the sectionals, terminal charts, and world aeronautical charts that you need right here.

We are also an authorized nautical chart agent, just call ahead and we can get you any nautical chart published by NOAA.

Call 1-866-263-2358 today to order your charts. Your charts will be ready next time you stop by, or if you prefer we will ship them to you.

Latest News:

  • Let Lightspeed provide the fuel you need for your next flying adventure. Now is the time to purchase that Zulu3 you've been dreaming of. Avian has inventory on hand. Come try a Demo flight and be ready to be impressed.
  • Looking for a POH for an older Cessna? We have a large stock of NEW manuals for older models. Call to see if we have what you need.
  • Avian Flight Center has partnered with Charter College Aviation to provide Part 141 training to aspiring fixed wing pilots. Avian Flight Center provides the ground school and flight instruction and Charter College Aviation provides the corresponding online curriculum, financial aid resources and academic support. Through this partnership, qualified students have access to financial aid resources in the forms of federal student loans and Pell grants, as well as job placement assistance.

    Further information about Charter College and the Associate and Baccalaureate programs can be found at Charter College
  • Avian Flying Adventures Program! For more information or to find out about our new check out the PDF document or call us at 1-866-263-2FLY Ask about our new Family Membership Program